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Spring/Summer collection for Kaya design

  I had an opportunity to make this beautiful spring/summer editorial for Kaya design collection by Kristina Nikolic and her beautiful clothes. I had great team around me, beautiful locations and gorgeous models so it was really a pleasure to be part of it. You can contact Kristina for more info about clothes at here […]

Pin-up photo session

  She is one of my best friends and wonderfull person with great personality. She was my support and my model since my beginings, and Barby thank you, thank you, thank you so much for that 🙂 Special thanks goes to Dajana Čavić for here beautiful make up, without her we couldn’t done so good […]

Yet another normal session with Tanja :)

People who follow us already know that two of us like to go bit dark and surreal with our sessions.. we start it as nice beauty session and somehow always end up working on something more mystic and surreal.. but that’s just us, you gotta love us that way 😉 Follow Tanja at here fb […]

Dance all night, sleep all day

Here name is Nina, she comes from Rijeka and she is dancer and coach at K2K dance studio. Happy, positive and extremely flexible and strong….we had awesome photo shooting with a lot of fun!!! Check our beautiful photos and feel free to contact me to book your photo session 🙂  

Let it snow

Winter is my favourite time of year, and when you add snow and mountains and camera to it no one is happier than me 😀 Photos are taken in Croatia, all around Gorski Kotar  

Mark, Ena and Marko

I really love photographing young families, there is something so inspiring and positive about them… they are full of love, care and happiness Here are photos from our mini photo session… You are very welcome to contact me and find everything you wanna know about kids and family photoshooting!

Artists – we’re all bit weird

I am one of those people who are never completely  satisfied with their work and I always think that it could be done better, although I would be blind not to see progress in my work over last few years and I do like my work, but self criticism is always here and it’s good […]